Design, Development, Hosting & Maintenance


Our website services…

Web Design
If you want a beautiful, functional and professional website to showcase your business, our web design solutions could be perfect for you.
Web Development
If you’re looking for a bespoke online platform to expand your business, we’ll build a system from the ground up based on your requirements.
Site Support & Maintenance
Once we design and develop your website, we won’t leave you on your own. We offer several levels of support and maintenance for you to choose from.

Our hosting services…

Business Hosting
Our reliable business hosting with 99.9% uptime is perfect for small to medium sized businesses who have one of our ‘design’ solutions.
Advanced Hosting
Our reliable and advanced hosting with 99.9% uptime is perfect for small to medium sized businesses who have one of our ‘development’ solutions.
Private Hosting
If you want to ensure your website is as fast as possible, can deal with heavy amounts of traffic and can handle large amounts of data, we can offer private hosting.


Custom Design & Layout
We’ll create you a beautiful design based on the way your business operates. Whether you want a simple, homely or corporate design we’ll put your ideas on the web.
SEO Implementation
What’s the point of having a website if your prospective customers can’t find it? We’ll put you on the map by ensuring every page, image and word is SEO friendly.
Social Media Integration
If your business is social, we’ll ensure that your customers can find your social media pages through your website. Once a prospect follows you, you are much more likely to make a sale.
Mobile Layout
With more people accessing websites on their phone than ever, we believe a design should be based as much around how it looks and works on a mobile as a computer.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool. We’ll enable you to see exactly how your site is performing by giving you access to all the numbers, indicators and pointers for your site.
Easy Contact Forms
Nobody can answer the phone 24/7. However, you can still be open for business every hour of the day, every day of the year. We’ll make sure your prospective customers can get in touch.
In comparison to an online directory advert which has cost us hundreds, our website does a lot more for business.
Party Plus 2
Party Plus 2, Design
Our website looked brilliant, worked perfectly and has stood the test of time.
Insurance 4 Mums & Dads
Insurance 4 Mums & Dads, Design
We were incredibly happy with the design, mobile friendliness and the effect it has had on enquiries.
Sunflower Nursery School
Sunflower Nursery School, Design


99.9% Uptime Guarantee
We guarantee you won’t have to worry about downtime with any of our hosting plans. Your website will be up 99.9% of the time meaning you’ll always be open for business.
Unlimited Bandwidth
We won’t hit you with fines for using too much bandwidth, nor will we ever limit your usage. We want to encourage your business to grow with you, not cash in or take advantage of that growth.
Unlimited Files
GWH Media will never cap the number of files you can host with your website. We’ll build your site without restriction and as your site grows, our hosting will accommodate it.
Powerful Servers
We don’t ‘skimp’ on our servers, that’s for sure! We are constantly investing to ensure our clients receive nothing but some of the most reliable and fast hosting available today.
Free Email
You can’t overestimate how important a business email is when dealing with current and prospective customers. We’ll give you a free email with the suffix being your domain for free.
Regular Backups
We’ll ensure to regularly backup your website and store it remotely. If something were to go wrong with your website, GWH Media will put it right in accordance with your support package.

Some of our work

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